Provide a meaningful experience and life long memory for a child today! image

Provide a meaningful experience and life long memory for a child today!

By supporting our scholarship fund, you can provide under-resourced students an opportunity to experience the ocean!

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Here Come the SHARKS!

Imagine the sound of 300 excited students as live sharks and stingrays enter their classrooms. The students start to yell out, "The sharks and the shark ladies are here!" Then they ask, "Who did you bring? Eddie the epaulette shark? Or Billy Ray the yellow stingray?" You can actually feel the excitement and enthusiasm from the students and their teachers.

A year ago, those same students did not think about sharks, marine life, oceans or how they can help make a difference - Now they do, through the support of generous community members like you!

Our oceans are facing many challenges and changes on many fronts, however WAVE Foundation is committed to providing nation-leading educational programming and conservation action programs on local, national and global scales to ensure our oceans are sustainable for many generations to come. Our oceans produce over HALF of the World's oxygen and absorb significant amounts of carbon dioxide to help reduce the effects of climate change! In order to maintain our oceans health, we believe we must teach kids to love our oceans before we ask them to SAVE our Oceans! While we are working hard everyday to make meaningful and lasting change to inspire students to love our oceans, we need your help to make our efforts go even further.

By donating we will reach more students, expand their understanding of ocean conservation and inspire the next generation of environmentally conscience citizens! Your donation makes a difference!

Support WAVE by making a tax-deductible donation at any level and help us ensure the future of aquatic conservation, today.

If you donate TODAY, your contributions will ensure that our programs will be in classrooms this Fall to welcome students back to school! Your donation will help us continue our work of providing unprecedented experiences for students, generating smiles, memories and teaching our students the value of our oceans!